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Bongossi/Azobé/Ekki is one of the hardest hardwoods in the world. It is equipped with excellent strength properties. Due to the very high compressive strength, abrasion resistance and flexural strength Bongossi is also called "ironwood". Bongossi has applications in many areas, such as the hydraulic and port construction, but also in bridge and Stegbau. It is used both as construction timber, and for the floor covering. Bongossi is available as a floor covering in many different strengths. The important thing is always a good constructive attachment to the origin of voltage curves counteract. The distance depends here always depend on the material thickness. During the drying even at Bongossi arise drying cracks. Therefore, the wood is rarely used as decking.

General can still notice that Bongossi in bridge building has proven over the years. With good mechanical fixing at appropriate intervals throughout Bongossi one of the most durable woods is the worldwide there.




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