Anti slip profiles and suporters in tropical hardwoods

Our anti slip profiles are ideal for outdoor building projects.

  • Massaranduba AD and KD (different dimensions)
  • Garapa KD
  • Angelim Amargoso KD
  • Ipe
  • TMT Ash
  • Also Bilinga, Cumaru

suporters in KD

  • Different tropical hardwoods with natural durability class 1 until 2, KD

All these timber species are well-known as extremely durable and
weather-resistant and therefore is no need of chemical treatment. They
remain outdoors for many years without suffering attack from insects or
even being affected by rot.


Crane mats and industrial mats

The use of the modern site road, as an alternative to
traditional excavator support mat, opens up new technical and economic
opportunities for those involved in construction projects
The boards are manufactured from tropical hardwood. Hardwood is an
excellent material for crane mats. But we also use other kinds of
hardwood, which are carefully selected and tested for use as crane mats.
Our product portfolio allows us to serve every customer with the right
product for their particular requirements. Whether it be for the pipeline
industry or a heavy lifting job, we have a timber mat to meet your
specifications. We offer different timber species and properties in
different mats.

Tropical hardwood mats

Industrial mats and crane mats are being used:

  • for temporary acces roads
  • for heavy lifting and rigging projects
  • as protection during demolition works
  • as protection of steel barges and pontoons
  • during demolition works

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