FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)

What is FSC?

The Forest Stewardship Council was created in 1993, that established a year after the conference "Environment and Development" in Rio de Janeiro. The aim is to implement the approved in Rio claims on "sustainable development" for forests. Special significance in the context of the demands of Rio, the equal consideration of social, environmental and economic aspects in the use of natural resources.

The FSC is an international nonprofit organization based in Bonn and national working groups in 43 countries. He is supported by environmental organizations (WWF, Greenpeace, NABU, Robin Wood, and others), social organizations (IG BAU, IG Metall, etc.), and numerous companies.

The FSC is a membership organization in which both associations, organizations and companies and individuals can become members. The membership includes the right to participation in decisions of the FSC and the election of board members.

In addition to the participation of all members and stakeholders of the FSC sets high value on transparency. All rules and all relevant documents are therefore available to the public.


What does the FSC do?

FSC aims to obtain forests. He wants to achieve this goal not only by the protected status but also through the promotion of responsible forest management. Strict criteria by which the management of forests should be aligned, serve to prevent uncontrolled deforestation, human rights violations and environmental damage.

How does the FSC protect forests?

The FSC has identified ten binding principles and 56 criteria for good forest management. By forest management in this environment will be achieved, that the functions of the forest remain.

In countries with national FSC working groups those arrangements to national circumstances, such as climatic and geologic conditions or national laws adapted. Since its founding more than 85 million hectares have been certified worldwide according to FSC rules.

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